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How to Live a More Creative, Positive Life

Let’s dive a little deeper and talk about some tools you can use so your creativity always answers. Because, trust me, if you’re too needy, it’ll screen your calls like a scorned ex on Valentine’s Day and post nasty things about you on Facebook. Trust. Seek out creative outlets Creativity feeds creativity. Find an open mic, invite friends to a hang 'n' play, or sing bad karaoke. It doesn’t even have to be music related. Build something. Color a picture. Write a poem. Make a garden. Whatever you create is essentially tapping into that magical reservoir that you have inside that needs to be in perpetual motion. I guarantee you’ll find the more you create and the more you avail yourself to creative urges, the more creative you’ll feel. It’s a cycle of catharsis that only acts to build you up and keep you on your toes. Nurture inspiration Inspiration is another bag of worms. You may feel like the most creative SOB out there, but if you’re not connecting with inspiration, you may be left feeling all sails and no wind. My suggestion is to surround yourself with things that move you. I imagine you’re probably already doing it, but it’s worth saying: listen to artists you love, watch movies that make you feel, go to museums to visit others' works, and practice... a lot! I know inspiration doesn’t always come, but when it does, you better make damn sure you’re ready to receive. Keep your ego in check The sensitive monster that dwells within us is a powerful thing. Sometimes it fuels great work, and sometimes it only serves to fan an inferno of despair. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to keep your ego in check. A little confidence goes a long way – not only in music, but also relationships and jobs. Being overconfident is decidedly unattractive. Ego can be attributed with some bad and often immature choices. Not everyone is going to love your work. It just doesn’t happen that way. If you encounter negativity, try to turn the other cheek. After all, you’re creating for you. Fame and fortune are just byproducts. [How to Deal With Negative Feedback on Your Songs] In the end, it’s simple. We're all creative beings. It’s one of the wonderful parts of being human. That’s not to say that everyone readily taps into it, even if they want to. You can give yourself a major leg up with positivity and and a little elbow grease. I’m not trying to get all Oprah on you, but there's a lot to say for sending groovy vibes out into the universe and patiently awaiting the answer. In case anyone hasn’t told you lately... I believe in you! Seriously. I have no clue if you’re the next Mozart or Bieber, but I do know that you have a kick-ass creative voice that deserves some love.

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