August 31, 2017

It finally happened: that hot music blog called your album "inspired" and urged its voracious readers to give it a listen. You do a happy dance and text your mom to tell her you're on your way to bonafide rockstar status. This one 300-word post has made your entire day...

March 4, 2016



When it comes to music industry knowledge, it's a rare occurrence these days to hear someone say they learned something from a book. We have the internet and our smartphones to tell us everything we need to know about any possible topic. But the evolution of technolo...

January 19, 2016



The pay-for-posts practice is, unfortunately, spreading beyond the mainstream into the once-diplomatic indie music blogosphere, and a lot of hip-hop sites appear to have succumbed to the lucrative, but regressive, setup. These five hip-hop blogs, however, still thriv...

January 12, 2016




Photo by Aurelien Guichard


Today, with all the new technology and different ways to reach your fans, there are more ways to release your music than you can count. As cool as it may be to have all these options, it’s sometimes hard to decide which release strategy is...

January 9, 2016




1. Keep an close eye on the evolving streaming landscape

SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Audiomack, Google Play. The number of available streaming platforms makes it easier than ever before for fans to access music. Some options are free, while others requi...

December 10, 2015


Music production. The term likely conjures mythical images of Sir George Martin running frantically around Abbey Road Studios or Phil Spector conducting a massive orchestra. In their time, the term "record producer" simply referred to the person overseeing the complet...

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January 4, 2016

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